This semester (Spring 2019) I am teaching the following classes. As soon as the semester starts I will provide students access to the course websites.

During the Fall semester I am usually teaching the following classes:

  • Quantitative Data Analysis (undergraduate class in English)

Note: access to the course websites is restricted to FSPUB users.



Coordinating your B.A. / M.A. paper

Every year I can advise up to ten students write their B.A. / M.A. paper. I take students on a first-come, first-served basis, so there is some advantage to deciding on your paper earlier rather than later. I will accept to coordinate your paper under the following cumulative conditions:

  • you have worked with me on one of my research projects or you have taken one of my classes,
  • the topic of your paper is related to  one of the classes I teach or to one of the following topics:
    • Confidence in institutions
    • European Parliament elections
    • Voting behavior
    • GIS and political science
  • you ask to work with me no later than December 15th.

Currently, I have no more places for the June 2019 session.

Recommendation letters

Every year quite a number of students approach me asking for recommendation letters. I am happy to write you such a letter, under the following conditions:

  • you have worked with me on one of my research projects for at least a semester, OR
  • you have taken one of my classes and have received a grade higher than 9, OR
  • you are writing your B.A. / M.A. paper under my supervision, AND
  • you ask me for the recommendation letter at least a week before the deadline for submitting it.

In other words, I need to know you and what you can do in order to write you a letter, and you need to give me at least a week to write it. It’s simple.

Research opportunities for students: 

Throughout the semester I might work on various research and teaching projects on which I need help. These projects are conducted either as part of my work in the Faculty of Political Science, or as part of my work in the Romanian Quantitative Studies Association – RQSA, in the Center for International Cooperation and Development Studies – IDC, in the Romanian Group for the Study of Social Values, and in the Romanian Election Studies group (for a list see the Research page).

Each student will go through a training / guidance period. After that, students will most of the time work on their own and provide regular reports on their progress. Most of the work that students will do is computer- and internet-based, although in some cases it is possible that I will need students to access libraries and / or archives. About once a week we’ll have project meetings to track project activity, solve possible problems, and keep everyone involved.

I am looking for students who fulfill one or more of the following criteria:

  • they have an interest in continuing their studies in a masters program.
  • they can work for the project at least five hours a week over the semester.
  • they have at least a general interest in the topic of the research project.
  • they might want to do a B.A. / M.A. thesis related to any of my research projects.
  • they are not afraid of working with numbers, datasets, and statistical software.

If you want to join me or if you have any questions about my research, e-mail me at this address.