World Bank, Romania:

  1. Project: Development of the M&E System for the National Strategy for Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction (NSPRSI). 2018.
  2. Project: Strengthening the Effectiveness of the Social Safety Net Results-Based Financing Specific Investment Loan – Supporting the Social Inspectorate to Implement Risk-based Social Inspections. 2016.
  3. Project: Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction RAS – Provision of Inputs for the Preparation of a Draft National Strategy and Action Plan on Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction. 2016.
  4. Project: Integrated Nutrient Pollution Control. 2008.
  5. Project: Village Poverty in Romania. Updating Targeting for Romanian Social Development Fund. First Phase. 2000.
  6. Project: Preserving Cultural Heritage. Saxon Villages. 1999.

UNICEF Romania:

  1. Project: In-Depth Assessment of the social, health, and education status of children and their families in one county. 2015.
  2. Project: Rapid Assessment of the social, health, and education status of children and their families in Bacău County. 2014.

The International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA):

  1. Project: Global State of Democracy Index. 2016-present.

Open Government Partnership:

  1. National Researcher for Romania as part of the Independent Reporting Mechanism. 2016-2017.

ÖSB Consulting GmbH:

  1. Project: Creation of a Virtual Qualification Network in Romania, within the context of the EU strategy for the Danube Region: Feasibility study. 2012.
  2. Project: The Management of Correlating the Education System to the Labour Market. 2011.
  3. Project: Analysis of the Deficit of Trained Work Force in the Constructions Area. 2009.

Soros Foundation Romania:

  1. Project: Studii Electorale Românești. 2009-2011.
  2. Project: Religie și comportament religios. 2011.
  3. Project: Implicarea civică și politică a tinerilor. 2010.
  4. Project: Program of Integrated Community development: Evaluating Social Effects. 2008.
  5. Project: Attitudes towards Work. 2008.
  6. Project: The Portrait of the Romanian Roma. 2007.
  7. Project: Educational Politics in the Higher Education System. 2007.


  1. Project: Quality in Higher Education: Internationalization and Databases for the Development of the Romanian Educational System (POCU INTL). 2019-2020.
  2. Project: Quality Assurance in the Romanian Higher Education System in European Context. The Development of Academic Quality Management at System and Institutional Level – ACADEMIS. 2009 – 2010.
  3. Project: Developing an Operational System of Qualifications in the Romanian Higher Education System. 2010.
  4. Project: Doctoral Studies in Romania – The Organization of Doctoral Schools. 2009.
  5. Project: Active Adaptation of University Education to the Requirements of the Labour Market. 2009.